Canberra Escorts - Money is the Most Common Source of Stress, and It Can Wreck Your Sex Life
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Canberra Escorts – Money is the Most Common Source of Stress, and It Can Wreck Your Sex Life

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Are you constantly worrying about your financial stature, like how much money is in your bank accounts? Or how much debt has already piled up? There’s a good chance that at some point, money has already stressed you out, and it’s also put a severe strain on your sex life! Read on to find out why worrying too much about money can put a dent on your sex life.

Money is the Most Common Source of Stress

Do you worry too much about money? If you do, you might be putting too much strain on your sex drive too, to the chagrin of your hookup buddies, as well as your preferred Canberra Escorts!

A recent study done by Northwestern Mutual found out that money is the most common source of stress among US adults (and everyone else in the planet!). What’s worse is that tension creeps into our love life, and even our sex life!

Four out of the ten study respondents said that money issues have affected their relationships with their partners, while one in five have said that they have financial disagreements with their significant others at least monthly!

Chronic Financial Stress Can Also Wear Down on Your Ability to Enjoy Sex

The study also noted that chronic money problems can also wear down a person’s ability to let go and fully enjoy themselves during sex. A licensed social worker also quipped that people can become so preoccupied with worries about their financial future that they can’t concentrate on what’s happening in front of them, in this case, sex.

In addition, if you’re regularly putting extra hours at the workplace or poring over financial statements, the sheer exhaustion can get in the way of enjoying sex, whether it’s with your wife, hookup mate, or even your favourite Canberra Escorts! So, forget about your money problems, and have a good time in bed instead!

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