Canberra Escorts – Millennials Explain The Difference Between Drunk Sex Versus "Stoned" Sex
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Canberra Escorts – Millennials Explain The Difference Between Drunk Sex Versus “Stoned” Sex

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Hey you ever experienced having great sex, while you were either drunk, or high on stuff like – marijuana and other substances? Don’t mean to promote the use of illicit substances, but then again there was a time in our lives where we got a little bit crazy or wild. Here’s a peek at how today’s millennials explain the difference between drunk sex versus “stoned” sex.

More Millennials Favour Stoned Sex
Which would you, and your hookup partners, or your preferred Canberra Escorts, prefer doing – weed-fuelled hookups or boozy sex? A new study was conducted by New York University in the US, which covered 24 heterosexual individuals aged 18 to 35, and the participants were asked to reveal their preferences.

Here’s what the millennials revealed. After boozy, inebriated sex, more millennials are more likely to regret their decisions, as compared to high, stoned sex. Why was this the case? Well, it’s mainly because during boozy sex, people were more likely to regret their decisions since they chose partners they wouldn’t normally choose, and they made riskier-than-normal decisions too.

Majority of female participants also felt a heightened sense of shame with drunk sex. For males, drunk sex also led to more aggressive, violent behaviour, while stoned sex was frankly better as it heightened sensations instead of dulling it.

Millennials Did Not Often Think About Consent During Boozy Or Stoned Sex
While the findings by the New York University team leaned towards limiting booze on date nights, and on practicing safe sex too, they also brought up something that was not often mentioned or discussed by the millennials, and it was – consent!

Legally, adults are often not able to properly discuss about consenting to sex, especially if they are drunk, and sex without consent is usually considered rape. Less discussed by the millennials was the issue of consent during stoned sex, especially under the influence of substances like marijuana. Obviously, a person cannot consent if he or she is impaired beyond the point of understanding their decisions, especially in bed.

But then again, who needs to think about legal matters like consent, when you can arrange for a sober, yet fun-filled and sensually-charged evening with the hot and lovely Canberra Escorts!

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