Canberra Escorts - Keeping You Company On A Cold Canberra Night
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Canberra Escorts – Keeping You Company On A Cold Canberra Night

Canberra EscortsCanberra, Australia’s capital city is a place full of all types of fun; the place to rediscover Australian culture and history at fabulous monuments and galleries. Here, there are many interesting things to do for couples abound, and more so, for guests like you seeking the hearty company of Canberra Escorts.

In this city surrounded by parklands and native bushland, you will certainly savour each moment of your stay, sightseeing in every popular attraction there is. Yet, your most memorable moment would be a lusty night with your chosen fiery vixen.

Lying on her tummy on the bed, she just wants to get instant relaxation after feeling exhausted from your long day at the marvellous sites. Letting high-heels slip off her feet, she anticipates your hand unzipping her skirt and unbuttoning her back. In an instant, her nakedness is revealed, and you’re starting to throb at the sight of her freshly exposed back. It isn’t long before you strip her totally naked.

Without hesitation, you take your own clothes off and sit beside her, one hand holding a glass of scotch while the other, caressing her nude body. You dip a finger to your glass and subsequently direct it towards her engorged pussy. You delight in seeing her twitch and throb, guessing her longing for your finger to penetrate her.

You continue to tease her, wiggling your scotch-coated finger against her swollen clit. With that, she can only muffle the words, “touch me, please me, make me come!”

In response, you bend over her, your mouth positioned directly over her slit. Skilfully, your tongue separates her lips and let it nestle inside of her. Her entire body now burns under the heat of her lust and of the flicking and swirling of your tongue inside her moist sweet cavern.

She extends her legs wide open as if to invite entry. With what seems to be an agonising deliberateness, you plunge your rock hard shaft, ramming her pussy slowly at first, inch by inch.

Strong current of desire washes over your entwined bodies as your tongue continues to explore her mouth, with your hands on her breasts. Your increase your speed now until both of you are expecting to come sooner.

Yes, that’s how it’s going to be if you choose a gorgeous vixen from among the Canberra Escorts to keep you company on a cold Canberra night.

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