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Canberra Escorts – Intimacy Doesn’t Just Happen – Make Time For It

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Often times, people equate intimacy with sex, or make the two synonymous with each other. But in truth, we can be intimate with family members or close friends, yet not sexual. What’s clear though is, when a marriage turns sex-less, that’s lacking in intimacy! Get it? However, as you get intimate with any of the tempting Canberra Escorts, that could lead into a sexual affair or perhaps, momentary relationship.

Intimacy In The Real Sense
You have to make time for it since it just doesn’t occur any time, anywhere. Sex relationship experts point out that it’s “that sense of heart-to-heart connection that allows a person to feel seen and heard by the other”, and to feel that one really “gets” the other.

In other words, you get your partner to “see” your totality – warts, wrinkles, fats and all. And vice-versa. Once in that “connection”, it’s easy to figure out what makes your partner happy, sad, terrified or furious. You both are able to discuss anything under the sun, no-holds-barred. In each other’s company, you need not wear a mask!

On a deeper sense, building intimacy entails a great deal of self-revelation through communication with words and feelings. Wouldn’t you be excited to know what makes her tick? Then, by baring your thoughts in words, you discover you’re both alike in so many ways, yet, are very much distinct in character. And once you find the differences, that’s more fascinating! You exchange truths about yourselves, yet, what’s more important here is the mutual exchange of what and how you feel.

Familiarity Versus Intimacy
It’s true that in real life, couples become way too familiar with each other. Remember the saying “familiarity breeds contempt”. The danger here is that, tasks may just turn into routines. You get home tired from work, plops yourself in front of the TV as she pops food into the microwave to have something for dinner. Sure, you eat together but without words. Afterwards, she positions herself in bed and grabs her favourite book, while you click open the laptop to check your gmails. Before sleeping, you have sex. But, is there intimacy? No!

What’s intimate is that you cuddle her as you watch TV. As you eat, you show concern by asking how the day went for her, as you tell her about yours. And if things have gone bad, you suggest a weekend getaway!

Evidently, it’s the small gestures of care, showing interest in each other and dialogue that build intimacy. It’s also like love that needs nurturing. Do that and your relationship will weather tough times.

Getting intimate with the seductive Canberra Escorts is a different story, though. Short-term girlfriend experience is what you get as you aren’t intent on building a long-term relationship.

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