Canberra Escorts – If She Isn't Going to Bed with You, These Could be the Reasons Why
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Canberra Escorts – If She Isn’t Going to Bed with You, These Could be the Reasons Why

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Let’s say you and your girlfriend have been together for a year or more, and you’re still quite close with each other. The problem is, she doesn’t seem to want to have sex at all lately. Before you browse online and engage one of the sexy courtesans at Canberra Escorts whenever you need to satisfy any sexual urges, why not try learning her reasons for not being in the mood?

Sex isn’t just about satisfying yourself; in fact, a healthy sex life is beneficial to your relationship. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some possible reasons her lust has fizzled out, and how to fight them.

  1. She misses the longer, more passionate sessions. Many couples start out doing everything – kissing, heavy petting, making out, to oral sex – all before the main course. Foreplay is essential for setting the mood, but it’s likely that the concept of roleplay flew out the window as time went on.

If you think this could be the reason, all you need to do is slowly but surely work so that sex feel like those first few passionate, hot and heavy sessions. That may be all she needs to rediscover her desire to roll in the hay with you.

  1. She’s being unfaithful. Sadly, this is as much a possibility as the first one. In this case, just be upfront and ask her about it as soon as possible if you think she is sleeping around. Just make sure you don’t sound confrontational, or things could become worse.
  1. She’s tired out. If your girl has been very busy with work, she just won’t have the energy for sex and she’d rather turn you down than fall asleep halfway through giving you head. In this case, you can still ask for sex, as long as you’re subtle about it and don’t sound accusing.

One way to do this is suggest taking a weekend off to reconnect. Relax at home with some films you both enjoy, or indulge in some video games – whatever it is you enjoy doing together. In the right atmosphere, you may soon find yourself enjoying some pretty hot sex.

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