Canberra Escorts - If People Are Having Affairs, It's With Friends, Not With Strangers!
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Canberra Escorts – If People Are Having Affairs, It’s With Friends, Not With Strangers!

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Women and men alike cheat on their respective partners for different reasons. Yet, to members of Ashley Madison, an online dating service that offers the best discreet dating experience for married daters, the main reason why men seek extramarital partners is to be satisfied sexually. Women members on the other hand say, they’re just seeking a purely physical affair.

If you’re a married guy and just want sexual satisfaction, might as well not sign up on any online dating service. As you know, the best-known cheating site, Ashley Madison was hacked in 2015 exposing married cheaters all over the world. So, to keep safe, just hook up directly with the enchanting Canberra Escorts. And avoid the odds of being blackmailed as what happened to a male member of this dating site for adulterers!

One more thing, it turned out that its users weren’t the only ones cheating. The website itself was cheating on its members, by creating fembots (female robots) – computer-generated fake female profiles that chatted up with the men as if they were alive! The reason? Female users were scarce on the platform; most of its users were males! Nonetheless, Ashley Madison had this interesting thoughts about cheating. They were chosen by an organisation as partner in a survey about infidelity

Cheating Doesn’t Happen On A Whim
Most wives/girlfriends may assume that when someone younger, prettier and sexier crosses their guy’s way, that would pave the way to cheating. If they happen to meet in a bar, get drunk, then, end up in bed, they will most likely hook up again and start the crime. Or else, they happen to cross paths in a social event and because she finds him a sweet-talker, they end up having sex before the party’s over.

However, according to Madison, infidelity doesn’t happen that way. While ‘the other woman’ is often times painted as a ‘mysterious seductress’ and seduces the man in an instant, it doesn’t hold true in most cases.

Survey reveals that in real life, people are having affairs with someone they most likely know from way back or have been friends with, for a long time!

Findings from the survey showed that 27 percent of the 400 men respondents admitted that if they were unhappy in their relationships, they preferred a friend or someone they knew for their partner. Surprisingly, only 23 percent said they would choose a stranger they meet at a bar or on a trip.

Therefore, know who your girl’s male friends are, from work, from her high school/college days, etc. If you were the one cheating and happen to hook up with the irresistible Canberra Escorts, just be discreet.

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