Canberra Escorts – Hottest Picks for Seated Sex Positions
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Canberra Escorts – Hottest Picks for Seated Sex Positions

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

As far as doing the dirty goes, people have different preferences, and some of these overlap. Some people like rough sex as much as they love sensual and romantic sex. There are others who like intimacy and eroticism in equal amounts. The lovely babes featured in the pages of Canberra Escorts definitely have their own preferences, though they adjust as needed when with their clients.

Whether you’re with an escort or a long-term partner, there are certain positions you’re sure to love if you’re the type to enjoy sex more when there’s a clear feeling of closeness. Missionary is one such position, but did you know seated sex gives you more of the same intimacy? Here are a few ideas.

1. Reverse cowgirl 2.0. You’ll be sitting at the edge of the bed with your partner in your lap, facing away from you. Once you’re inside her, hug her to make the position more intimate and limit yourself to grinding and rocking. Use your hands to explore and tease the rest of her body, by playing with her boobs, her nipples, her clit – whatever gets her going.

2. Lotus. This is a good way to draw sex out for as long as you both can stand it. You both need to be sitting cross-legged, with her in your lap, legs wrapped around your waist. You’ll again be limited to rocking movements, but the position gives you deep penetration in return.

Her being in your lap with legs spread also means you’re stimulating her clit practically the whole time, so she won’t have any trouble finishing, especially if you get more frisky.

3. Knees up. You’ll again want to be seated on the edge of the bed for this position, with your feet on the floor to keep you stable. Then have your partner squat in your lap, her feet on either side of you on the bed. Make sure you hold on to her properly so she doesn’t tumble backward and kill the mood.

The view of your cock moving in and out of her while she rides you will definitely boost the sauciness of this position, and you’ll be able to tease her more by sucking on her boob or her neck – whatever part your mouth can reach.

Want to try these moves but don’t have a committed partner? Browse the gallery at Canberra Escorts today!

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