Canberra Escorts – Here's Why A Woman will Turn You Down
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Canberra Escorts – Here’s Why A Woman will Turn You Down

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Rejection is something people are afraid of, for various reasons – especially when the dating game comes into play. Often, you’d find yourself being turned down by the lovely babe you’ve been eyeing, say several of the babes featured in the gallery at Canberra Escorts. That’s not a reason to simply give up, however, nor does it have to be that way all the time.

Women don’t like rejecting men, as a rule, though there are exceptions. Most of the time, however, there are very simple reasons for her saying ‘no’. While you can control some of these reasons, there are others you really can’t change.

1. No chemistry. Whether it’s pure physical attraction, or it’s bedroom chemistry she’s after, the truth of the matter is the spark’s just not there. If this is the reason, it’s in your best interest not to force the issue.

2. Bad luck. Maybe she’s having a bad day and she misinterpreted what you were saying. Or maybe she flat-out turned you down. Whatever the reason, and however she does it, there’s nothing you can do but accept the rejection.

Afterward, you can either try again when she seems in a better mood, or set your sights on someone else. If you choose the former, try being a bit more subtle.

3. Lack of confidence. The ladies tend to be drawn to men who can carry themselves confidently – the ones who walk down the street with purpose in their stride and keep their chin up. Being fidgety or obviously nervous lessens your chances of her saying ‘yes’ when you ask her out.

Being confident and being cocky are two different things, though, and if you’re more on the latter, she’s going to turn you down still. You need to know what you’re good at, and let your actions speak for you instead of lauding yourself when you get the chance.

4. Bad hygiene. Would you date a lady who showed up to your date looking less than presentable? You don’t want to be seen with a scruffy-looking companion – and neither would she. Just take care of the basics – hair, teeth, clothes, cologne – and you’ll be okay.

So practice to change what can be changed, and even the babes at Canberra Escorts will find it hard to say no.

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