Canberra Escorts Fill Your Need For Lusty Intimacy
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Canberra Escorts Fill Your Need For Lusty Intimacy

Being divorced for a couple of years, I experienced quite a long dry spell which I didn’t mind at all. But,  it was one Christmas eve on the fifth year that I felt the loneliest time of my life. I realised I had to do something. I thought perhaps the warmth female company from one of those most sought after Canberra Escorts would banish away my loneliness.

Elite Canberra Escort Girl

Without much fuss, I got the services of this sweet and lovely vixen and sure enough, she stood there right in front of me. It was just amazing how huge her appetite for sex was, something that I realised I craved at that time. She showed me how to pleasure herself and myself, too. I had sensed she was about to give me something really lusty.

As soon as she unzipped my pants, she dropped to her knees, started licking my penis. I quickly felt the heat rushing throughout my hardened body through my brain. In no time at all, she devoured my entire hardened shaft, wetting all of it with her saliva. She sucked on my hot cock deep into her mouth, rubbing her tongue against its tender end, tasting the now oozing wetness.

Still standing up, I caressed her twin peaks, and hungrily tasted each one, until both nipples erected. Moving downwards slowly, I reached for her anxious pussy now dripping wet, too. She opened both thighs as if to invite entry. Without wasting time, I sucked on her clit which made her groan.

She then made me lay on my back on the edge of the bed. She rode me like a cowgirl about to drive away on an angry horse. She positioned herself on my hardened shaft, letting its entirety into her deepest womanhood, our lips locked together in silent moan.

She pushed down and up repeatedly several times, making sure the head down there remained corked in the mouth of her pussy. My hands were glued to her breasts, alternately roaming the soft expanse of her curves. After a while, we soared to the highest point of ecstasy together.

I never thought that after only one night with a drop-dead gorgeous escort, all the loneliness I felt for several years would just disappear. I regret all those wasted years.

So, if you’re like me who wants that need for erotic companionship fulfilled, give Private Canberra Escorts a call. I’m pretty sure there’s one from among the great selection eagerly waiting for you.

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