Canberra Escorts – Experiment with Kink with these 4 Awesome Ways
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Canberra Escorts – Experiment with Kink with these 4 Awesome Ways

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As far as sex goes, exploring kink is the best way to keep things from feeling routine, since it introduces new possibilities for you and your partner’s enjoyment. Many adults, including the lovely courtesans at Canberra Escorts, have their favourites, so you’re likely to find yours too. To help get you started, though, here are a few ideas for kinky experimenting.

1. Role play. Pretending to be someone you’re not can open you and your partner up to acts you haven’t tried before, if not just get you aroused from something other than what usually turns you on. Standard role play scenarios include master and maid, teacher and student, even nurse and patient. You can even think up your own scenarios.

Just remember that communication is important in role play, so make sure you both set limits and establish rules so no one is taken completely out of their comfort zone.

2. Biting and hair pulling. Some women have said they liked it when sex gets a little rougher than they’re used to, so why not see if your girl is open to this? When you’re both lost in your passion, pain can be just as welcome as pleasure. A gentle nibble in the right spot, for example, or you gently pulling her hair will make your girl want more.

3. Toys. There’s no rule about not adding some playthings to your bedroom playtime, just as there’s no rule about the woman being the only one to break out the gadgets. If you have a few toys but haven’t used them with your partner before, offer to give a demonstration. You can also try going to a sex toy shop and picking one out together. The anticipation of trying a new toy will get you both going.

4. Anal. More than a few couples have become curious enough to try this for themselves, and they’re rarely disappointed. The orgasms anal sex leads to are different from vaginal sex, so if you want to experience it yourself, make sure there’s lots of lube handy to make it more comfortable for your girl.

If you do them right, these kinks will do a lot to build up the pleasure in the bedroom. If you don’t have a partner, just browse the gallery at Canberra Escorts to find the best one for you!

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