Canberra Escorts: Escorting Industry in ACT
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Canberra Escorts: Escorting Industry in ACT

Canberra escorts are just a call away when you feel like you need a precious companion around the city. They are professional, loving and passionate about their jobs. What more would you look for in a woman?
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Escorting is now a renowned industry in ACT (Australian Capital Territory) in fact, the region is one of the states where escorting is legal and practiced by many escort agencies and brothels. No wonder, this city is visited by many tourists. Aside from that, the state is the only region where in it is legal to purchase adult entertainment videos, majorly contributing to the industry within the region.

Brothels are legal

Working for and with brothels is legal within the state provided that they register their business with the Registrar for Brothels and Escort agencies at the Department of Fair Trading. This regulates operations of these firms to monitor any legal or illegal movement. Failure to register to report or to register any adult entertainment firms is punishable by 1 year in prison. But no worries, information about brothels and registering them is available to the public.

There are no laws regulating the number of rooms the brothel houses. However in Queensland and Victoria owners and clients must have a police report indicating that they have not participated in any criminal acts must be submitted. Pedophilia, physical and sexual assault and other offences are prohibited and if caught, anyone involved will face severe punishments.

Australia’s government is open about the industry’s contribution to the local economy and the tourists that it brings, especially on SexPo’s or Sex Expositions which attracts tourists not only from other states but foreign travelers as well.

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