Canberra Escorts – Dreaming Of Another Steamy Night Again With The Escorts
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Canberra Escorts – Dreaming Of Another Steamy Night Again With The Escorts

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

You walk the streets of Canberra one last time since the day after tomorrow, you’ll be heading for home after your business trip is over. From your hotel window, the enchanting view of the forest and farmlands at a distance never fail to amaze you. Then you remember, just yesterday you were out on the lake and enjoyed kayaking with one of those gorgeous Canberra Escorts. Today, how you wished you could go back to this Australian capital and again, relish another steamy night with your amazing escort.

She stood there in the middle of the room in just her scanty lacy bra. “What a desirable pair of tits you’ve got there honey,” you exclaimed. Without waiting for you to make a move, she instantly unhooked her bra and let it fall on the floor. Inspired by her move, you went near her, enveloped her in your arms then hoisted her up on a bench.

Now, you had all the chances of sucking her nipples with great eagerness. She moaned and groaned as she grabbed your thick blonde hair, most especially when your hand reached the inside of her thighs. As expected, she was now leaking wet while your fingers probed deeper into her love hole.

Nonetheless, she had to quit a while, jumped off the bench and fell down on her knees just enough so she can reach for your zip. With your pants down on the ground, your prized stud came rushing forward right to her gaping mouth. Wasting no time, she quickly engorged your enormous throbbing prick, as if she was sucking a yummy popsicle on a very perspiring day. What else can you do but your turn now to groan and moan.

She seemed to enjoy every minute of it – taking all of your tool to her mouth without gagging, while one hand massaged your balls, her forefinger and thumb grabbing tight your dick, tenderly pulling it in and out of her wet mouth. How awesome a tongue-lashing it was!

And then you saw it coming – you were right in thinking that she had planned to let you come in her mouth, and you did with all your prowess! Sensing that she was now ready to welcome your rock-hard stick in her pussy, you spread her legs wide and thrust your manhood with enthusiasm!

That was last night. Time rolls so quickly by and soon you’re leaving. Yet, you’ll always be looking forward to another steamy date with one of those irresistible Canberra Escorts when you visit the city again.

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