Canberra Escorts – Cholesterol And How It Can Greatly Affect Your Sexual Performance
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Canberra Escorts – Cholesterol And How It Can Greatly Affect Your Sexual Performance

Canberra EscortsIn the search for potential mates, or even potential sexual partners, each one of us has our own list of preferred qualities or traits. Some go for guys or girls who have a good sense of humour, while others prefer those who are kind to kids and animals. However, there’s another thing that we should also look out for when searching for romantic or sexual partners – with “good cholesterol count”. Here’s how cholesterol can greatly affect a person’s sexual performance.

What Causes High Cholesterol?

While many health experts agree that high cholesterol is a genetic disorder that tends to run in families, it is also caused by
• a high-fat diet;
• lack of physical activity;
• excessive smoking;
• alcohol intake;
• and other poor lifestyle habits

What’s bad is that cholesterol significantly reduces a guy’s sex drive – makes it hard for him to satisfy his wife, or his lovely Canberra Escorts.

High cholesterol is also referred to as hypercholesteremia, and it puts men at a greater risk of suffering from stroke, heart attacks and peripheral artery disease. The chances of suffering from high cholesterol usually starts when they guy reaches his twenties, and increases with age, too.

How Can High Cholesterol Ruin Your Sex Life?

According to health experts, excessive cholesterol especially LDL (low-density lipoprotein), clogs the arteries, and severely restricts blood flow. Poor blood flow is bad news for the penis too, because an erection normally depends on the amount of blood that travels to and accumulates in the penis.

While high cholesterol can cause erectile dysfunction in men, it can also hamper a woman’s sexual satisfaction. For example, when cholesterol builds up in the arteries, it makes it hard for blood to reach the woman’s pelvic region. Ladies find it hard to get aroused and lubricated, especially before sexual intercourse.

Because a couple of those cholesterol-clogged arteries also leads to the clitoris, the possibility of getting an intense or pleasurable orgasm would be next to impossible.

To prevent the onset of high cholesterol, the first major step would be to cut back the amount of saturated fat and trans fats in your diet. This means you should reduce your intake of fried food, processed food and those rich in sugar and salt.

Everyone above 20 should undergo a cholesterol test, at least once every five years, to determine if your cholesterol numbers are high or within normal levels. This should help ensure that you have a healthy and happy sex life, either with your romantic partner, or with hot and lovely Canberra Escorts.

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