Canberra Escorts – Anxiety, and How it can Shut Down Your Sex Life
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Canberra Escorts – Anxiety, and How it can Shut Down Your Sex Life

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Aren’t you surprised to find that so many young (and old) people in this fast-paced generation are having an anxiety disorder of sorts? Well, blame the stress, the pollution (and the rise of dumb leaders like Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump) for all the anxiety and nervousness, which sad to say, has already crept to the bedroom (Although what’s nice is that orgasms are a good way to stave off anxiety, at least for a while). Here’s a look at how anxiety can shut down a person’s sex life.

It Ruins Your Focus During Sex
Anyone with anxiety will tell you that it can really ruin the moment, especially if you’re getting frisky with the girl you met at the bar, or with the lovely and alluring Canberra Escorts! For women, achieving orgasm takes focus, and it takes a literal “lasering” on every single nerve ending and allowing themselves to be overtaken with pleasure.

According to Aaron Harvey, founder of Intrusive Thoughts, a mental health organisation in the US, anxiety can take us out of that critical moment, and disturbs your concentration too. He also adds that when anxiety attacks, it disrupts that energy which gives us the adrenaline to have sex.

A strike of anxiety mid-coitus also destroys an orgasm, because the second your mind slips you are stuck thinking about other things like work deadlines, a fight you had with a friend, or an argument with your girlfriend!

It leaves Ladies High and Dry Too
Health and sex experts also add that anxiety not only takes guys and girls out of the moment too, but it truly screws up a woman’s vaginal lubrication too! An expert on female sexuality notes that when a lady is actually turned on, her vagina’s natural response would be to become wet to allow for easy penile penetration. But if the woman’s anxious, then she’s going to be real dry down below!

To enjoy sex, you need to calm down, stop freaking out about having an orgasm, practice deep breathing, and encourage your partner to try different things in bed! And of course, one great way to keep anxiety off your erotic life would be to regularly date the hot and sizzling Canberra Escorts!

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