Canberra Escorts – Acts Sure to Make Your Escort Hate You
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Canberra Escorts – Acts Sure to Make Your Escort Hate You

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

There are different kinds of escorts, just as there are different clients of these escorts. Whether that gorgeous babe is with Canberra Escorts or not, she could run into clients who act a certain way. Sometimes, this is a good thing; unfortunately, other times it’s anything but that.

If you want to make sure you’re among those whom your chosen escort wouldn’t mind entertaining every now and then, browse the list below to find out what actions make an escort roll her eyes.

  • Thinking an escort is the same as a prostitute. This, says one, is very degrading. A prostitute charges for specific sex acts, but an escort charges for her time, another clarifies. Anything intimate that happens during the session is strictly consensual, and isn’t based on the fee. Therefore, asking her if she’ll do something if you pay her more isn’t a good idea.
  • Not being on time and expecting the full booking. Yes, there are things one can’t control, such as the traffic situation – what if an accident on the highway caused a traffic jam? It’s fine to be late to meetings or other appointments, as long as it isn’t a habit. However, meeting with an escort is a different matter.

You can’t just give your reasons and expect the full hour. She may have another client later in the day, and giving you the extra time will make her run late for that.

  • Stating dissatisfaction after climax. For some, it feels as if any client who does this is trying to get out of paying them, so they become suspicious. Besides, it’s obvious to her that the bloke received some degree of pleasure.

Continuing the session without saying anything means that there are no problems, so don’t be that client and just tell her if something isn’t up to your expectations.

There are a number of other client behaviours that are frustrating for escorts, even the generally patient ones featured in the pages of Canberra Escorts. As long as you treat her nicely and fairly, you won’t find yourself counted among the worst clients she’s had.


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