Canberra Escorts – 5 Big Turn-offs
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Canberra Escorts – 5 Big Turn-offs

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Many factors can act as deal-breakers when it comes to dating – it’s a sad truth everyone has to face. For the ladies at Canberra Escorts, they can’t say ‘no’ to a client, but it doesn’t mean that being unhygienic in some way is completely okay for them.


Here are a few things that can cut your pleasure short, should your gorgeous partner notice.


  1. Overdone commercial cologne. Since the fairer sex is more sensitive than blokes when it comes to smell, spraying on a large amount can be disorienting for a lady. In truth, several add, a man’s natural musk can be more arousing. That is, when compared to going overboard with commercial scents.


  1. Untrimmed nails. Can you imagine having someone stick a finger up your ass and then finding out the hard way that their nails are long and often scratchy? That’s another thing you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Vaginal tears are real, after all, and you don’t want to be the cause of even a scratch – right?


  1. Going unwashed. Blokes don’t do this as much anymore, although you will get the odd individual who doesn’t shower as often as he should. A man’s natural scent is arousing, but too much of it can put a lady off.


  1. Grimy hair. Running fingers through your hair is something ladies use as a hint to tell you how much they’re into the act of kissing or fucking. It’s okay to not wash your hair every day, but if your lady friend’s hands come away feeling a little less clean, she’s going to think twice about taking you to bed.


Another courtesan adds that the smell of shampooed hair is the ultimate sign of male cleanliness for her. If she gets a whiff of that, she’ll have no qualms when the appointment starts heading in a more sexual direction.


  1. Anything below the belt. Women understand that men tend to have a lot of pubic hair, but that’s no reason to not wash the area thoroughly or keep it groomed somehow. Picking pubic hair out of her teeth isn’t exactly sexy, and if you didn’t shower, that’s just unsanitary.


Now you know the reason Canberra Escorts recommend bathing and brushing your teeth before meeting them for your appointment. It’s a possible turn-off if you don’t.

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