Canberra Escorts - 4 Ways to Beat Financial Stress, and Get Your Bedroom Groove Back
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Canberra Escorts – 4 Ways to Beat Financial Stress, and Get Your Bedroom Groove Back

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

If you’re worrying too much about your financial future, or the current state of your retirement funds, perhaps you are putting too much strain on your romantic, as well as your sexual life! According to psychologists and sex experts, there’s a scientific explanation for the link between more stress and less sex drive, because when we experience stress, our nervous system goes into a fight-or-flight response, releasing stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine, which lower our libido. Here are a couple of ideas on how to beat financial stress, and get your bedroom groove back.

Get Some Sleep

Looking to get back your once-strong sex drive, and bring back that smile into the faces of your girlfriend, or your favourite Canberra Escorts? Well, grab more sleep! According to health and sex experts, getting more sleep can fight off those pesky stress hormones.


Find a Healthy Outlet

Instead of sulking, and bottling up your emotions, find a healthy activity or pastime which helps you blow off some steam. Health experts recommend that you spend more time outdoors, like you could go hiking, gardening, swimming, or do anything that can help you take a break from life’s stress.


Focus on Your Overall Health

It is tough to manage, much less beat stress, if your body isn’t in the best shape Thus, try making small improvements like eat better, and add exercise to your daily routine . In fact, low to moderate exercise has been shown to help reduce stress, regulate hormones and increase libido!


Talk it Out

Improving your financial stature and improving your mental health is easier when you enlist help from counsellors, or if you simply talk things out with co-workers, bosses or even your spouse or girlfriend!


Whether it’s coming clean to your partner about the state of your bank account or meeting with a financial planner, confront the fear rather than avoid it. And of course, you’ll also feel much better if you take time off from your financial worries, by booking a date with the hot and sexy Canberra Escorts!

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