Canberra Escorts – 4 Sex Mismatches, and How You Can Correct Them
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Canberra Escorts – 4 Sex Mismatches, and How You Can Correct Them

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

Like anything else in life, anything mismatched doesn’t look good, or stylish. For example, mismatched socks are quite unappealing, while mismatched earrings are obviously not eye-pleasing. And of course, mismatched sex is not a fun thing too! Here’s a look at a couple of common sexual disconnects or mismatches and how to correct them.

Her Arousal is at a Slow Burn But You’re Raring to Go

If your girlfriend, or lovely Canberra Escorts’ arousal is at a slow burn, but you are raring to go already, what should you do? Well, according to sex experts, women are typically slower than men at becoming sexually amped.

Perhaps you could correct this by “rigging” the system. How? If you reinforce the idea that she’s aroused, it may happen more quickly. Tell her that you see her nipples are hard and you feel she’s wet. This should help her brain signal her body to feel that desire!

You Talk Dirty, But She’s Timid

Just because you’re lady is keeping quiet, don’t assume that she’s opposed to sex talk. A woman may not like to talk dirty because it takes her away from her body and sensations. However, she might really talk if you talk dirty to her. Thus, feed her lines, and while you’re teasing her, ask her what she wants you to do next. And during sex, ask her what she likes best about how it feels. In the future, she will definitely have those phrases on hand!

You Always Make the First Move

Women may subconsciously feel that they need permission to take the lead, says one sex expert. However, the truth is that they could always make the first move, without the guy’s permission!

Your Number is Higher Than Hers

A large gap in bedroom know-how can often make one or both partners worry about their performance, or about being just another brick in the wall. In that case, don’t rush with your whole utility belt or resume of sexual experiences and toys.

And of course, forget about reaching the Big O first, because focusing on orgasm only will stress your hookup buddy, and of course your favourite Canberra Escorts!

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