Canberra Escorts – 4 Clear Signs Your Girl is Manipulating You
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Canberra Escorts – 4 Clear Signs Your Girl is Manipulating You

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Manipulation. It rears its ugly head in more ways than one, and sadly, even couples aren’t immune to this. Before you call things off with your girl and turn only to the gorgeous courtesans at Canberra Escorts for company and satisfaction in the bedroom, though, you have to be sure there really is manipulation to some degree in your relationship.

Just because it’s a possibility, it doesn’t mean it’s happening. At the same time, you wouldn’t know your partner is manipulating you if you’re not looking for signs. So here are some of the biggest red flags you should keep an eye out for.

1. She blames you for various things. If your partner blames you for, say, how a waiter at a certain restaurant acts, or she makes it so it’s your fault she did something, that’s a very clear sign. She’s trying to get you to change to make herself more comfortable, or else trying to get away with wrong actions by guilt-tripping you into forgiving her.

2. She stops you from seeing friends and family. Manipulators know they have less power when their victims have other people in their daily lives, simply because your loved ones have your best interests at heart, and the manipulator doesn’t.

Confiding in your friends, for example, might eventually open your eyes to your girl’s controlling behaviour, and she can’t have that happening. Because of that, she’ll do all she can to keep you from spending time with other people you care about.

3. She turns a small thing into a personal attack. Ask her if she did the little favour you asked of her, she might get defensive and say something along the lines of “What do you take me for, stupid?” She twists your words around or puts words in your mouth to make you feel bad and apologise.

4. She demands trust but doesn’t trust you. This is one of the biggest signs. She questions everything you do, even if you’re not doing anything wrong. But she also loses her cool the second you show any sign of mistrust – and could even blame you for that sentiment.

If you see any or all these signs, it’s time to step away from that relationship. Then you can perhaps turn to one of the lovely ladies at Canberra Escorts so you can experience how a loving, nurturing relationship should feel.

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