Canberra Escorts – 3 Signs Your Oral Sex Technique Needs Work
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Canberra Escorts – 3 Signs Your Oral Sex Technique Needs Work

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When it comes to oral sex, some people love receiving, while others are more comfortable giving; still others enjoy it either way. Most likely it’s part of your own routine, but how do you know whether or not your partner actually enjoys you going down on her? The ladies at Canberra Escorts share a few secrets to help you figure this out.

1. She’s really quiet. When she doesn’t make much noise and isn’t breathing hard, then it means you’re not doing much to excite her. Remember that even the smallest groan, or harder breathing at least, is what typically points to her liking what you’re doing. If there’s no reaction, that’s a sign you have to try again.

Of course, you have to make sure she’s not reacting in pain; so don’t bite or nibble her down there unless she asks or tells you to.

2. She’s squirming. Usually, this is a good sign because it means she likes what you’re doing at the moment. However, it’s also bad because when she squirms, it means that you’re not hitting the right spot, and she’s trying to get you to move to where she wants you. You can either try and put your mouth where she wants it, or ask her out loud where she wants you to lick her.

3. She declines your offer. If you’ve been a couple for a while and she does this, it likely means she didn’t enjoy the last time you went down on her. Of course, it could also mean she isn’t ready for oral sex.

Just remember that when you do go below the belt, don’t go too fast. Instead, give her the time to enjoy the sensations she’s feeling, and time to call it off if it’s not quite working.

If she seems to be enjoying that sensual tongue lashing, and you have a clear image of her writhing in pleasure and moaning, then congratulations – your technique is already good. But what if she doesn’t cum? It simply means you haven’t found the trick that gets her to climax just from oral sex.

In that case, there’s no need to worry; just give it some time, and keep experimenting to find what works for her. If you need practice but don’t have a partner, you can always browse the gallery at Canberra Escorts to find the perfect companion for you.

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