Canberra Escorts – 3 Sex Positions to Turn Up the Heat
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Canberra Escorts – 3 Sex Positions to Turn Up the Heat

There’s no doubt you’ve read somewhere that women usually fake orgasm, just to ensure their partners feel better about their little sexual romp. When you’re with one of the lovely females showcased in the gallery at Canberra Escorts, you won’t have to worry if she’s faking. They give wholeheartedly while enjoying themselves, too.


Canberra EscortsBut if you really want to make sure she’s having the time of her life, there are a few simple changes you can make to the basic positions that will leave her weak-kneed with utter delight.


  1. Erotic Oyster. In a way, exploring the depths of her nether regions could be like trying to find that perfect ‘pearl’ that will bring her to the big O. That’s not why this pose is named as such, though.


If your lovely partner is particularly flexible, you can try having her raise her legs and putting her feet as close to either side of her head as possible. If she can’t, don’t force it, as long as those legs are raised.


Entering her from in front and above will make it easier for you to penetrate her deeply – something you’re sure to both love. The enticing view will just turn up the heat.

  1. The Slow Rock. You’re likely familiar with the Coital Alignment Technique, or CAT by now. Combine that with the slow rocking motion you usually reserve for spooning, and you’ll both last so long you’ll be dying for release!

Add some spice by adding some handcuffs, and restrain her so she can’t touch herself – or you – and take control of both your pleasure and hers. Alternatively, you can turn this into a woman-on-top position with her doing the rocking, and you being tied down. Being dominated never felt so good!

  1. Sensual Snake. She can be lying flat on her tummy, or with a pillow under her pelvis to give you more manoeuvring room. Make sure you don’t crush her when you straddle her, and let her know she can move her legs wider apart or together for the perfect friction and tightness.

Take a break now and then to play with her assets so you can catch your breath, but don’t take too long or she’ll fall off that pleasure train.

Spice up your bedroom romps with the perfect sex goddess at your side. Check out the gallery at Canberra Escorts today!

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