Canberra Escorts– 3 Sex Positions That Make Car Sex So Fun & Exciting
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Canberra Escorts– 3 Sex Positions That Make Car Sex So Fun & Exciting

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

Who hasn’t tried car sex yet? Well, I guess most of you have already tried it before, especially during your wild and wily high school and college years. Car sex is super-hot, just ask anyone, because it kind of brings you back to your hot and horny teenage years of making it out in the backseat somewhere, terrified of being caught by an adult! So, if you want to relive those exciting days again, here’s a look at a few positions that make car sex so exciting.

Trunk Space
Looking to try something different tonight, or this weekend, with your hookup mates, or with the sexy and scintillating Canberra Escorts? Perhaps you should try out a car sex move appropriately called the “Trunk Space”!

As complicated and acrobatic as it may seem, it is absolutely possible to do it doggy style or even anal in your vehicle. To do this, put one chair down and have your lady lean over it toward the back, with you on top of her!

What makes this move so awesome is that it’s a highly-arousing position for both men and women, and things can get a little extra freaky when you try it outside the four walls of your home, or a motel. For the women, it offers more opportunity to touch – breasts, clitoris and more!

Road Head
Road head just might be the hallmark of any great road trip, and as far as impromptu sex acts go, this one’s pretty darn easy! Giving oral sex to a male driver is also a very popular car sex activity that doesn’t appear to result in much injury from the position. However, there’s lately been an increase in erratic driving with oral sex for male drivers!

Belt Bondage
To do this, the guy lies on his back across the backseat, and the woman ties his hands above his head using the seat belt. Next, she climbs on top and grinds to her heart’s content. This position works best for women who know how to take what they want with no apologies, and being on top allows your girlfriend, or the hot and sexy  Canberra Escorts , to rub her clit against your pelvic bone, or reach down with her fingers for some extra stimulation!

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