Canberra Escorts – 3 More of the World's Most Common Fetishes
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Canberra Escorts – 3 More of the World’s Most Common Fetishes

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

When it comes to talk about sex, just what falls on the sexually “normal” spectrum? Well, according to sex experts, in truth there is no normal when it comes to sex, and the only constraints are diversity and variation, because we are all different in our sexual desires. And, as long as there’s mutual consent, it really doesn’t matter what you chalk up to normal!  When it comes to fetishes, here’s a look at a few of the world’s most common fetishes.

Cross Dressing

Before we talk about cross dressing, first let’s discuss the difference between a fantasy and fetish.  A fantasy is something that you spend a good amount of time thinking about while having sex or masturbating. Like for example, you’re fantasizing about going on a date with the hot and sexy Canberra Escorts!

A fetish however, is something that has to be present for you to achieve arousal and orgasm! And one of the most common fetishes worldwide is cross dressing!  This one is more common than you’d imagine, and involves the fetishist needing to either wear clothes from the opposite sex, or to be sexually intimate with someone who is!

Water, Thunder and Lightning

Water is a popular fetish with both men and women, and just the sound of running water is all the magic, or the spark, that they need to get going. A shower, a faucet or even rain storms all work to fulfil this fetish. Some women even find themselves getting turned on by the sound of thunder and lightning. In fact, those random acts of gigantic flashes of light in the sky can be enough to trigger their desire for sex!


Believe it or not but there exists a sub-culture of men and women who call themselves “furries”! These individuals get together a few times a year to dress up in furry animal costumes as a form of expression, whether sexual or otherwise!

Furries aren’t always your average woodland creatures either. So, if you visit a furry convention, you might see a life-sized kitty with long, bejewelled eyelashes, or a pastel bunny rabbit with really large breasts! But then again, if you and your girlfriend, or your preferred Canberra Escorts, don’t have the hots for furries, well you can explore the hundreds, or even thousands, of other kinky fetishes out there!

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