Canberra Escorts – 3 Easy Ways to Scorching Sex
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Canberra Escorts – 3 Easy Ways to Scorching Sex

Sex in the usual places, or in the same positions, is sure to get boring at some point, whether you’re with a lifelong partner, or with one of the babes pictured on the pages of Canberra Escorts. Still, with a few twists, you can turn a tried-and-tested pose from so-so to astounding.

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Here are a few examples.

  1. Bring on the cat. You may have heard of the Coital Alignment Technique, where you have to scoot up an inch or two so your pubic bone rubs against the gal’s mound. Try this woman-on-top variation, with your lovely lady’s legs between yours.


Closing her legs creates a tighter fit, meaning more friction – and pleasure! – for both of you. Combined with deeper penetration and clit stimulation, you’ll both be riding the waves to orgasm before you know it! You might have to slow down to make the pleasure last longer.


  1. Bend it like a puppet. If you love doing it from behind, you’ll love this erotic variation. Have her stand with legs spread, then bend over at the waist. If she’s flexible enough to touch the floor, she can do so; otherwise, she can hold her ankles or calves.


Enter her while she’s in this position, making sure to hold her hips firmly while you thrust away. Not only does this give you a great view of her ass and cunt, but you get a peak at her tits from between her legs. Doggy-style always makes it easier for you to reach her G-spot and help her cum; this twist on it is no different.


  1. Show it off. Get her to show off her perfect breasts, and display your incredible arm strength while your at it. Help your gal on the way to erotic bliss by grabbing hold of her thighs or hips and lifting her up until she’s supporting herself with her upper back and shoulders.


Go slow and alternate thrusting with grinding to give her a mix of sensations she won’t soon forget, while you get an eyeful of her luscious body. If she can’t hold the pose for long, slip a pillow or two under her butt, enough to put her nether regions in line with yours.


So check out the gallery at Canberra Escorts to find your perfect vixen, and try these moves out for back-to-basics sex that’s anything but boring.

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