Canberra Escorts - 3 Cool Tips on How to Seduce a Woman in Certain Parts of the Planet
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Canberra Escorts – 3 Cool Tips on How to Seduce a Woman in Certain Parts of the Planet

Canberra Escorts

Canberra Escorts

Think you’re having more fun in the sack than anyone out there? Well sorry dude, for the guys in other countries are having more sex than you, way more! According to a recent Men’s Health survey of more than 40,000 readers around the world, foreign men have more sex than guys in the US, which is up to 70 more times! Thus, we enlisted the help of sex experts from around the globe to find out just what makes men from other countries so attractive to the ladies they pursue.

Romania: Play it Straight
Meeting women, especially ladies as hot and sex as the Canberra Escorts, is easy, especially if you are not sidetracked by insecurity, coy games, or body language interpretation. But when Romanian men want a woman they tell her upfront!

According to Felicia Abaza, sex editor of Men’s Health Romania, “the men here have a lot of self-confidence, and the women are tuned to respond to it too!” So, how do you play it straight to the ladies? Remember that tired come-ons will fall flat. Instead, lean in unexpectedly and whisper in her ear words like ‘I just want to be near you”. However, be mindful of your tone however, stay calm, and caress her with your voice!

England: Take Her Outside
Actors like Hugh Grant may somehow typecast British guys as meek and bumbling. But according to a 2005 Durex survey of 317,000 in 41 countries, these Brit dudes are actually so irresistible, and their partners can’t even wait to get back to their flat!

In addition, twice as many Brits as Americans report having had sex on public transportation, as well as in alleyways and gardens. So, to be like the Brit guys, arouse her with temptation. Pull her into a side alley or a dark doorway, and plant one while gently stroking her neck. And when you do it in the outdoors, the fear of being caught often stimulates her fight-or-flight response, and adrenaline floods her system, making everything feel much more intense!

Australia: Drive Her Wild
While Americans love cars, the Aussies on the other hand love doing it in their cars! According to the Durex study, almost 75 of Aussie men and women have had sex on the road, and many of them say that they can always find a private space to get it on!

These adventurous men and women also say that the car provides ideal cover, as sneaking away for a quickie, or some sweet fondling, says “I can’t wait”! Perhaps you could also ask the hot and sexy Canberra Escorts if you could do it in a car once in a while!

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