Canberra Escort - What is an Escort Service?
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Canberra Escort – What is an Escort Service?

An escort service is an industry where in clients pay for company of smart and attractive women. If ever you are a new prospect for an escort service, read through this article and find out what to expect from an escort. There is a far cry between prostitution and being an escort. Prostitution is an act of selling yourself for sexual favors wherein an escort sells their time and intimacy can come in second.

There are two types of escorts that you can employ: Independent or with an agency. An escort with an agency is a courtesan that works for a management that takes care of their appointments, etc whereas an independent escorts only works for herself.

The advantage of having an independent escort is that you get to communicate with her directly. You can tell her everything that she needs to know regarding your intimate time together and the like. One downside though is that an appointment needs to be planned ahead and is not good with those spur-of-the-moment circumstances.

A working girl with an agency is pretty much the same as all escorts it is just that she works for an agency. If you are feeling a bit spontaneous and want instant company, all you have to do is select the perfect girl then call up the agency and you got an instant date.  But since they are working for an agency, communication can be vague. Most likely you will not be able to relay special information or request to the escort of your choice personally.

Whether your courtesan is working for a business or for herself, there are two services that each of them offer:  Incall and outcall. An incall is a service wherein you get to go to her premises for your business while an outcall is the complete opposite of it. An outcall is simply an escort service where you get to meet somewhere perhaps in a hotel or your place to transact.

Canberra escorts are the woman of your dreams whether you desire ones that are working for agencies, independent, incall, outcall. She will give you pleasure that you have never experienced in your life. Get the opportunity to be with these ladies and start browsing the gallery.

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