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First time with escorts is not as scary as they are. These girls understand your anxieties and why you are nervous, but there is no reason to worry. We know that you are under enough stress already to take care of your sex life, which is why our Canberra escorts are available for your bookings.

As I go with my everyday appointment as a high class escort, I set up to meet with a new client to end my long day of appointments. This guy, had something special in him, something I had lost a few years ago, his virginity. I take bookings from inexperienced clients because it makes me special for some reason, for me to take a man’s virginity is something else. I’m not sure if it has some psychological background but it just turns me on.

I arranged an in-call meeting with Jared (not his real name), to meet me at my five star apartment down CBD. When he knocked on my door, I wasn’t expecting what I saw. He was a young, good-looking guy, probably around 25 years of age. I could tell that he was a little nervous about meeting me but I am sure that he is certain to shed his childhood. There is nothing wrong with a man letting go of his innocent self.

We talked about all sorts of stuff until we finally got to the topic of sex. I smiled then I softly kissed him on the lips. I know that I wasn’t going to get satisfied with him but I still cherished how innocent this guy is, like I said, it made me feel special. I kissed him down his neck, to his chest and down in front of his zippers. I could feel that he is turned on; I grabbed his manhood and looked at him. He was red from embarrassment but some part of him wanted me to unzip his pants.

I could hear him say “Oh God”, I am not sure if he is thankful or shocked but it was the go signal. I kissed his knickers good bye and revealed his hard cock, throbbing and ready for some action. I started by kissing the tip and rubbing his thighs. I know Jared was really excited seeing me doing the things I do his cock. I licked his shaft from base to tip and slowly it disappeared on my mouth. Out and in it went, I kind of gagged a little because his cock was a bit huge, I thought: “I am going to have so much fun!”

He couldn’t do much but to lay there from the pleasure that he receiving from my mouth. Though I know doesn’t have much on hand experience, I taught him how to be naughty with a girl in the bedroom. I guided his hands to my pussy, carefully teaching how to rub a woman’s clit properly. I showed him how to use his hands and his tongue to pleasure a woman. He quickly picked up everything and applied it instantly until my flower was already wet and ready.

I rode him first cowgirl style, savoring the taste of his huge cock from my pussy’s lips. I was on the drive, on top and I am not planning to stop. I rode him up and down, until he rolled his eyes up. I hastened the pace, and then slowed it down again to let him catch up. I had fun riding him up and down, I could feel my juices running down his long shaft, I was really turned on.

We then switched to doggy, penetrating me from behind. I guided his cock to the right hole where it is supposed to go. First he went slow and rigid but after a while, he was more flexible, more intense. He hit me hard and made me moan from satisfaction. I closed my eyes and savored how deep his penis is in my pussy. He went on until I could hear him moan from orgasm. I wanted a little bit more so he finished it all up by fingering me, like I taught him.

This moment made me special. I just love how his innocence slowly fades away in my presence; To be the first, to be the special one.

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