Butt Play: Reasonably Safe Yet Not Totally Risk-Free
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Butt Play: Reasonably Safe Yet Not Totally Risk-Free

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You’re lucky to have such a guy who’s so giving in the sack, like doing a lot of lusty things just to satisfy you in bed. However, did you give a thought to his request for a rim job? Much as you’d like to return the favour, yet, you’re not really certain if arse-eating is risk-free. Let’s hear it from the sex experts and that include the Canberra Escorts who are very particular about safe sex.

Unprotected Analingus: Is It Safe To Perform?

You’re in a monogamous relationship, with no intestinal disorders whatsoever, and is overly clean with your body. Without a barrier, are you at risk of some kind of sickness caused by gastrointestinal bacteria when you do oral-anal contact? Similar questions are always in the minds of those who are scared to render or receive anal intercourse but, would like to try it, more so when no barrier is used.

According to legit sexperts, ‘tossing salad’, rimming, rim job, analingus, or however it’s called, is reasonably safe even without using a barrier but, in very specific circumstances. Like, if you’ve done a thorough research on the subject, consulted with a number of experts on sex, you’re in a devoted partnership and very hygienic in your ways, as well.

Using Protection: Is It Necessary?

If you want to use a barrier method, fine, go ahead if it makes you and your buddy feel comfortable. If that extra protection can cast away your doubts and reservations, and make you more liberated, then there’s nothing wrong with the idea. It’s like using a condom during regular screwing.

For anal intercourse, you can make use of a dental dam or a DIY thing – cutting in half a fresh condom and placing it over your partner’s butt hole. Just make sure you use some lubricant on the part that touches him/her.

Another way to make butt play sensational is to blow warm air around the area, or else put some lube on your finger and ease it gently into the anal hole. As you know, the site around the anus contains numerous nerve endings, so just take it slow and ask your pal to tell you what feels exhilarating.

Whatever idea you have in mind, make it a point to discuss the matter beforehand with your mate.
And once agreed upon, take all the necessary precautions. Though analingus may be reasonably safe under specific instances, yet it’s not totally risk-free. A high level of trust and open communication plays a big factor here.

Any fornication in whatever form could have some health risks in it. Nonetheless, with the ‘certified clean’ Canberra Escorts, you’re guaranteed of a pleasurable and safe romping between the sheets.

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