Bring Back your Youthful Prowess with Yvette Andrews
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Bring Back your Youthful Prowess with Yvette Andrews

For men who desire young lassies, here is one for you. Meet Yvette Andrews – a young Private escort in Sydney who exclusively tours Canberra for a night out with her clients. Yvette is a 19 year old woman who found her true passion in escorting and she loves it. She may sound sweet and innocent but underneath that smile is a vixen trying to break free. Her insatiable thirst for sexual pleasures complement for her lack of experience.

Canberra Escorts Yvette AndrewsYvette is all you can expect from a young escort: young, wild and vibrant. She is all about having fun with her more mature clients. She is a friendly spirit who knows how to excite herself and the crowd around her; a real life of the party. She loves to socialize and get acquainted with the people around her. She is easy to love and to lust for, if you get the jist.

Yvette is a petite woman standing only 5 feet tall with a size 6 body. Her young age clearly reflects on her sweet yet feminine body. Those 10A cup breasts, firm and soft are pretty much all you can ask for. She has great skill when it comes to your private times together; a little bit more for her age. She is a true vixen who is born only to please.

Feel young once again with a companion that can give you all the energy that you need. If you want to know more about Yvette, you can get quick access to her photos, information and contact details through her escort profile here. Take a look at more Canberra escorts in the gallery to complete your experience in the city.

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