Escort Sex Tips: Basic Kama Sutra Sex Positions
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Basic Kama Sutra Sex Positions that you can do with Canberra Escorts


When we say ‘erotic’ or ‘sensual’’ we can’t help but think about the kama sutra. This ancient Indian book is said to be the secret to sexual pleasure as such that men had craved and fantasized about sex positions that are in it. In contrary to popular belief, the kama sutra is not just a book for unusual sex positions, it is a life guide and a way of life for men. It doesn’t just involve sex but also a discipline on how to please your partner properly both in and out of bed.

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While most escorts (if not all) are familiar with the discipline, it would be a great idea to know a few positions yourself before you see your Canberra escorts. For beginners, here are a few ideas that would make your kama sutra erotic experience more pleasurable with escorts in Canberra:

The Tominagi

Take the traditional missionary to the next level by doing the tominagi. Instead of legs wide open, she puts her feet on your chest, this would allow more pelvic movement and thrust.

The Bridge

If you’re feeling a bit hardcore (and flexible) you could do the bridge. What you should do is bend over backwards to form an arc and then she can ride you on top. It’s not an easy position but it adds to the pleasure of it.

The Cross

Have you ever watched lesbian porn where they ‘scissor’ each other out? Your partner lies on her back with one leg stretched out and the other one bent up. You will sit on her thigh and work from there, forming a ‘crossed’ position. Because of maximum penetration, this makes a great position to please your girl.

The Plough

This is a great position if you are in a cramped space (fetishes anyone?) or with furniture. Your woman lies face down on the edge of the bed. You grab her thighs until her legs are up hanging and extended. If you’re doing this inside a small room or a closet, she can support herself by putting pressure on the walls with her feet.

The Peg

Try something different with this sex position by lying on your side as she curls up on the opposite direction with her head on your feet. You can then move simultaneously for optimum pleasure.

The Gallery

Take your cowgirl experience up a notch with this lovely sex position that would give the both of you an erotic experience. Go to sitting position whether you are on or on the edge of your bed. She can then sit on your lap facing you and watch her ride. She’d have control of depth and intensity plus you’d be able to lick and suck her nipples.

There are tons of kama sutra sex positions that you can do with Canberra escorts. The best thing about it is that you’d have endless opportunity to try them out. However, pleasure isn’t about what you do while you’re having sex, it’s mostly who you’re doing it with, so find the right one for you in our gallery.

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