AROUSE Your Canberra Escorts: The 3 HOT Spots to Kiss and Caress
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AROUSE Your Canberra Escorts: The 3 HOT Spots to Kiss and Caress

Within the SEX framework, women’s thoughts and emotions could be labelled as “Bermuda triangle.” They’re like two different complicated dimensions – full of mysteries and issues that seem like puzzles needing to be solved.

Canberra Escorts for YouJust like the bewitching sex goddesses of Canberra Escorts, when it comes to erotic aspects, their thoughts and emotions also share a common mystifying layer in reality. In fact, it’s something that most men haven’t realized yet!

I know you’ve heard those gorgeous courtesans before. And if you ever have that golden privilege to be with them, well, consider it a perfect dream come true! Don’t let that moment become a part of their “average experience list.” Instead, make it unforgettable!

Make it more exciting and memorable by kissing and caressing these 3 HOT zones in their body. (Forget about penetration. It’s much better to arouse them first. This will make you their king!)

  1. The Back of the NECK – Nape

“Do the BACK job dude!”

This part of her body is absolutely a BLOW button! You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s actually the back of the neck that is believed as one of the most erogenous zones in a woman’s body. So, don’t ever forget kissing and nibbling it before diving into the sexual battle.

If ever she calls for more, prolong it and be creative by inhaling as you’re breathing her in. (Zap her!)

  1. The Seductive BREASTS

“Is this really every guy’s favourite?”

Probably it is! No guy could ever resist a woman’s boobs once presented to them. In fact, this is “one woman’s tool” that is totally proven to magically turn out a man’s cock into an instant BONER!

Of course, I already knew that you’ll never fail to kiss and caress those “twin heads.” But don’t forget to do it gently at first. Plus, you should also remember… the other one will get jealous if not given equal time. (facepalm)

  1. Don’t Forget the THIGHS

“If you forget this, then welcome to the average guy list!”

But before you launch a “thigh caressing rally,” be certain that the courtesans will surely like it. Because if they don’t, prepare for your demotion from a knight to a PEASANT. Ready?

Although, stroking the inside upper portion could be a tremendous turn-on, but still, you have to find what she really likes. Is it a light touch or slightly rough like a pinch? Be mindful and avoid making any awkward gestures that would make you look like a complete loser!

Now, are you ready to rock the world of Canberra Escorts? If you are, then make a move today buddy! Browse the galleries.

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