Anal Adventure: Experimenting With A Sex Toy For The First Time
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Anal Adventure: Experimenting With A Sex Toy For The First Time

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Have you ever attempted to pleasure yourself through the backdoor? If you haven’t, be glad there’s a myriad of sex toys to help you take your anal adventures to higher grounds. Plus, there are the seductive Canberra Escorts to ask help from, if you’re innocent about anal pleasuring. But first, there are things to consider before you ever think of sticking that foreign object up into your asshole.

Here’s What You Need To Know

1. Know Your Arse

Since it’s situated far back at your bottom, certainly, you don’t know your bum that well. It’s crucial therefore, that you explore it a bit with your finger. Note how that feels with your small finger in there. Then, move your finger gently in a circular motion. Once pleasure is felt, relish it for a while before you thrust your finger in and out in a slow motion. Now that you know how it feels, go, make that purchase. You have choices of a plug, a vibe, a dildo and a strand of beads for that.

2. Clean Your Toy

Whatever toy you have chosen, wash it thoroughly before and after usage – penetration, that is. Typically, soap and hot water will do, but today, there are a wide variety of special cleansers to try, like antibacterial sprays. Likewise, there are toys that can be cleaned with boiling water. Just check out your manual for the directions.

3. Alone Or With A Partner?

So, can you manage it alone or do you need a partner? The thing with being by yourself is that, you’re more in control of your acts but then, if your hand is shaking from nervousness, you would need someone else to lend a hand.

4. What Position Is Best?

You need to get the best angle for maximum pleasure from your anal stunt. Experts say, sitting up in bed with some pillows at your back for support is comfortable enough. In case you’re with someone, have her/him sit between your legs. Using a sex toy for the anus would necessitate your muscles to relax and prepare for penetration. Do whatever raises the heat up of you – finger your hole, masturbate, view porn, imagine kink, and educate yourself more.

5. Use Lube

You need plenty of lubrication, on your hand, in your anus as well as on your toy. If your device is silicone-made, a water-based lube goes perfectly with it. If stainless-steel, use water-based lube although silicone-based will be fine, too.

6. Begin The Anal Adventure

When you’re doing it solo, make sure that the hand you used to touch your butt hole should never land anywhere else to prevent the spread of faecal bacteria to other parts of the body especially the mouth.

Now, put a pea-sized lube on your finger and insert into your anus. Bathe your device with lube, so soaked that it literally slides off your hand. To protect the sheets against mess from lube spillage, put a clean towel under your bum.

Gently push the toy’s tip against your anus as you masturbate. Let it stay for a while then, shove it about an inch deeper but don’t stop wanking. Withdraw it while you continue masturbating. Then once again, put the toy back in farther, an inch at a time, your hand off, never stopping your masturbation. During climax, the anal muscles begin to contract, pushing the toy out. If it doesn’t, ease it out slowly.

Is it complicated or peanuts? First-timers in anal play should be assisted by somebody professional like the alluring Canberra Escorts!

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