5 Secrets of Flirting Over Text
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5 Secrets of Flirting Over Text

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Flirting, without a doubt, goes beyond simple socialisation with people at a party. The thing is, most people find it easy to flirt when they find someone they have chemistry with, not to mention physically attractive. After all, not all women are as curvaceous as some of the Canberra Escorts you find online, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful, right?

The art of flirting, however, has seen an upgrade – these days, more and more people are flirting over text. This can be harder than flirting in real life because, for one thing, you don’t really feel the physical attraction. You can still learn how to flirt through text messages, though, so don’t despair! Here are a few tips to help you nail text flirting.

1. Use a clever opening. A simple “Hi” won’t do, when you’re flirting over text. Set the mood from the beginning using a flirty note, and she’ll know you’re not just looking to chat. Don’t pretend it was a ‘mis-text’, either; she’ll find out, eventually, that you meant to send it to her.

Also, the subtler, the better. If she takes a while to reply, it may just mean she’s thinking about what you meant – and that’s always a good thing, when you’re text-flirting.

2. Keep things simple. There aren’t any visual cues (e.g. facial expressions) to let her know if you’re joking or not, so don’t be too serious in your texts. Otherwise, she won’t see them as flirtatious. So keep it simple and light, so she can play along if and when she wants to.

3. Remember transitions. If you throw out a reference to something, she may get confused and lose the flirting feeling. Make sure you mention a film, musical artist, or book, for example; if she’s read the book, say, then you’ll be able to make references to it that much better. The bonus is, she won’t be caught off-guard, and she can better appreciate your wit.

Essentially, make sure you segue from one topic to another as smoothly as possible, to avoid confusing the lovely lass.

4. Don’t forget emojis. These will help in the visual cue department, as they’ll help her figure out where you’re being serious, and where you’re not. Don’t be afraid to get creative when needed, and see what that does for her responses.

5. Never send multiple messages. This is something that turns many women off. When she doesn’t reply, it’s not your cue to send her another message to prompt her into replying. She may be busy, rather than just ignoring you. So instead of sending text after text, just wait for her reply – it’ll come, eventually.

In the same vein, don’t try and play hard to get; if you take forever to reply to her, she won’t want you more, that’s for sure. When she texts you and you’re busy, just don’t respond. It’s as simple as that, say several Canberra Escorts, because she’s doing the same thing.

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