4 Tips to get you started as a Canberra Escort
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4 Tips to get you started as a Canberra Escort

There are a lot of escorts in Canberra that you can book. Most of these ladies are in the adult entertainment industry, either they wish to spend their days in hedonistic pleasure or are looking for ways to financially support their lifestyle. Whatever reasons these ladies have, there are tons of struggles that these ladies encounter on a daily basis.

How to be an escort in Canberra

It’s not easy to be an escort but if you are willing to take your chances in the business, here are a few steps that would help you make the most out of this industry:

Tip 1: Physically assess yourself.

Take a good look in the mirror if you think you can handle the pressure of being an escort physically. Take a note on your physical assets and work from there. You must learn to improve yourself physically through exercise and keeping a balanced diet. You should also improve, not only in looks but your physical endurance. Consult a physician about your overall health and regularly have check ups.

Tip 2: Take professional photos of yourself.

Don’t just rely on your camera phone to take “selfies” to be posted on adult websites and forums. Invest in a good set of sexy photos from a reliable photographer. In Canberra, there are many photographers in the adult entertainment industry that could deliver the quality output that you want.

Tip 3: Get a health card/certificate. 

There are some states that would require you to get a license or an SWA (sex worker act) number. This will certify that you are healthy or in physical condition to be an escort. An SWA is required by law if you are local or touring in Melbourne but most states in Australia would accept a health card/certificate.

Tip 4: Decide whether you want to get in an agency or not.

If you are starting from scratch in the world of escorting, most would encourage newbies to enlist themselves on agencies. What happens is agencies are going to be responsible for your ads and your clients but they get 40% or more on your earnings. It’s not so bad for someone who’s starting in the business. From there, you work your way up and build a client base until you can fully support yourself as an independent escort with regular clients.

If you choose to be an independent escort, you need to get yourself listed on one or several adult websites. You get 100% of your earnings but you need to take care of everything that goes on to keep your business such as responding to emails and messages from clients and additional paperwork.  In our gallery, you can find a lot of Canberra escorts that are fully independent on their services.

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