4 Simple Secrets to a Successful One-Night Stand
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4 Simple Secrets to a Successful One-Night Stand

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Standards when it comes to sex have changed over the years. Sexual experimentation used to be seen as taboo; having multiple partners before ultimately settling down was seen in a similar light. Now, neither of these is hush-hush, and women like Canberra escorts aren’t so shy about choosing that career path because they’re proud of their bodies and their sexuality.

Even if some standards have changed, there still remains something about the one-night stand that makes it seem kinkier – perhaps because of how casual it is. Both parties hardly know each other, and the only goal is get to know each other under the sheets. Sadly, women aren’t exactly always satisfied whenever they hook-up with a bloke.

That said, it’s understandable that she’ll be more cautious than you are about a possible one-night stand – so how do you go about landing a successful one? Here are some tips from the experts.

  1. Don’t rush. You’re not one of those insects with an unbelievably short life span. You’ll have all night to try and get her hooked so you can hook up, so take your time! Women apparently will think that you’re rushing to get them in bed because your arousal won’t last for very long.

Instead, show her that you know the ropes when it comes to flirting and keeping things interesting.

  1. Be prepared to make an effort. Surprisingly, even if they know they likely won’t see their hook-up partners again, women raise their standards when it comes to looks. On the other hand, men aren’t as picky when it comes to picking their partners. As long as she looks attractive, she’s fair game.

For you to stand out among the other blokes at the party, bar, what have you, put some effort into how you dress for that outing. You’ll tip the odds in your favour if you do so.

  1. Focus on her pleasure. Oddly, this also applies to quickies. One expert explains that, if a guy takes the effort to make the hook-up worth it for the woman, she’ll give as good as she gets. This means that if he makes the first move to give her oral, she’s more than happy to return the favour.

This also means your one-night stand could turn into a constant activity with the same partner. After all, she knows you have skills in the bedroom and aren’t just using her for your pleasure, practically for free (not counting the drinks you buy her at the bar).

  1. Don’t indulge your inner porn star too much. It’s true you want to show off – even if you’re not with one of the Canberra escorts you usually engage. But that’s not a reason to try and attempt, say, five different positions and succeed at only two of them. Stick with positions you can pull off well that will leave you both feeling satisfied.

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