4 Imaginative Ways For An Irresistible Intimate Sex
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4 Imaginative Ways For An Irresistible Intimate Sex

Canberra EscortsWe usually get confused between sex and intimacy. Sometimes, we end up dreaming for sex alone either with or without intimacy. In some cases, there are times when we dream for intimacy even with or without sex. What’s really the truth? Is it we desire intimacy and avoid sex? Or we fear intimacy and crave sex?

This pervasive confusion about sex and intimacy makes us forget the real meaning of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. What we didn’t realise is that sex and intimacy are both factors towards achieving sexual satisfaction!

So how do you achieve your desired intimate sex? Here are 4 ways:

  1. Avoid Talking

The real intimacy with your sweetheart occurs in the silent moments of presence and engagement without words. If we think talking can lead to more intimacy, perhaps we’re all intimate by now. The point is, instead of telling your lover with “words,” why not show your real emotions?

Encourage your lover not to speak a single word for a few of minutes. Cuddle silently and let your own hearts show what they really want to express. Hug, kiss, touch, and the like are actions that will surely reveal how deeply in-love you are. This is a great time to let your stories fall away.

  1. Don’t rush, Prolong orgasm

Do you believe that life is a journey and not a destination? But what seems to happen is we focus on acquiring a particular goal rather than enjoying the road towards it. We miss the value of the moments along the path. This also happens with sex.

The idea is prolonging to reach climax. Give space to be “fully present” and let appreciation fill your minds every moment for the connection and pleasure it brings. Of course, do this without any distractions.

  1. Eye Gazing

The young gorgeous Canberra Escorts believe that eye contact can be an essential facilitator of intimacy. And prolong gazing of each other’s eyes during intercourse reveals vulnerability.

While sitting on the floor, gaze into each other’s eyes without looking away for 15-20 minutes. If you find it hard to sustain the gaze, shifting from eye to eye can help you maintain it. As the romp starts, sustain eye contact as much as possible all the way through climax. Imagine both of you, gazing into each other’s eyes at the moment of release… that’s what you called, INTIMACY.

  1. Kissing While Undressing Each Other

Even if you’ve been having sex with your partner for 20 years, still, treat each other’s body as a gift. Engaging with your partner’s body is something you should always be thankful for. It’s a golden privilege!

Kissing while undressing each other can be confusing at times. The trick is, just be natural.  As you undress, softly kiss the part of the body that was just exposed. Kiss or touch that area with passion and gratitude. Do this with dim lights or by candlelight.


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