3 of the Best Workouts for a Guy's and Girl's Sex Life
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3 of the Best Workouts for a Guy’s and Girl’s Sex Life

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It’s no secret that working out, and doing different types of exercises not only boosts your mood, and builds up your energy and immune system, but it also jump-starts your sex drive! So what could be better than a workout that takes your mind off the fact that you’re working hard to burn off those calories? Well, why don’t you do sexy workouts! According to sex and fitness experts, sexy workouts help us tune into our bodies in a sensual way, so we feel more receptive and more interested in sex! Here are a few more of the best workouts for a guy’s and girl’s sex life.


Who says that Zumba sessions are only for the women?  This Colombian dance craze, which literally means “move fast” has swept fitness groups across six continents, and is a mix of traditional aerobic moves for a maximum heart pumping, sassy Latin shimmies and hip-hop-inspired booty shaking! I guess it would be more fun if you bring along your hookup mates, as well as your favourite Canberra Escorts to a Zumba session next time!

Best of all, you don’t have to be a pro to join a Zumba party, as new participants are encouraged to dance or move ta their own pace, picking up the moves as they go along. Zumba sessions are not a place for competition, and it’s very supportive for women too (as well as men!).


Hula-hooping is definitely not for kids, because even adults can get lost in the hypnotic hip swivels of this super fun belly blaster. Once you get comfy with the basic how-to, you can now mix and match these fun moves with a 30-minute workout which can burn up to 250 calories!

Once you do hula hoops for a couple of days or weeks, you will notice more than just the inches you lose when it comes to looking in the mirror. This should make you feel much better about your body image, and it will also lead you to be more interested in physical and sensual activity!

Naked Yoga

I guess it would be really nice if you do naked yoga with your girlfriend, or your preferred Canberra Escorts at the same time, because fans of this activity say that losing their clothes makes the relaxing and calming practice even better, and allows them to celebrate their bodies!

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